SoBi Hamilton Collabo-ride for the August Glowride!

We are super excited to have our friends from the SoBi Hamilton bike joining us for our August Glowride on August 27th! The SoBi crew will be setup at Durand Park with a bunch of extra SoBi bikes for Glowriders to use. They will be giving out free riding credits to anyone that uses a SoBi for the Glowride that night as well as having some fun things to decorate them with.

If you don’t have a bike, or have a friend who doesn’t but wants to Glowride, now is the chance! If you plan on using a SoBi and it is your first time, please make sure to register an account beforehand online at Choose the hourly plan and you’ll be good to go. Representatives from SoBi will be on hand at the park to lend a hand.

SoBi x Glowriders